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Why some of the Wisest Woman in the World start their Maui Vacation off with the Hair Braid of a Lifetime....

Question: Do you know The SECRET to looking your beautiful best from the moment you step in and out of the water? 

Hint: Its the one souvenir that you can take home and you don't have to declare it! Bring home more than pictures and souvenirs. Bring home a NEW YOU!

The first morning you wake up in Maui, What you want to do is have your big beautiful bodacious hair braids extensions appointment scheduled because you want to never have to touch your hair for the rest of your vacation. 

ISLAND BRAIDS by Aviella Aloha
 The first thing you should do when you come to Maui is get the beautiful hair braids that you always wanted but maybe never have. And also you want to enjoy your vacation never having to worry about your hair in and out of swimming pools, the ocean or anything else while at the same time still having a more beautiful head of hair than probably everybody standing around you. So what the smart women do is they make sure their big beautiful hair braid is scheduled before their plane ever touches the tarmac. And so to get your Maui vacation started off on the right foot and with the right hair Call me to schedule today and we'll see you when your plane touches down. 808-357-3504. Aviella Aloha Your HAIR CONCIERGE