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Urban n IslandLocal Business / Local People at Lahaina Civic Center
It is important to know that the craft fair at the Lahaina Civic Center is run by a different promoter each week.  Maui County does an annual lottery each year usually in April and on that day potential promoters show up for a chance to host their own show. So that being said, the vendors that you met on your last visit may not be VISIBLE on the day you return but they may be still in business. If you are staying at a vacation club resort in Lahaina be sure to ask the concierge or front desk agent about the Urban & Island Product Magazine. There you can find information on Made on Maui vendors and coupons on quality hand made items and how to purchase them.
Hand Made Maui Gifts
Lahaina Civic Center(every Sunday)
Island Braids by Taz
-Hair Braids
-2 Strand Twists
Island Scents Maui
Body Oils
Shampoo & Conditioner
Oil for Massage
Body Sprays
Shower Puffs
Pure Maui Sea Glass     
Hand Crafted Jewelry 
808-                                             -
 HEUI Craft Fair at Banyan Tree Park
  After you shop at the Lahaina Civic Center, head down to Front Street to enjoy the Banyan Tree Park.  The Banyan Tree in Lahaina is one of the most popular free activities in Maui. Located on Front St. in Lahaina across from the Wharf and next door to the Pioneer Inn at the Lahaina Harbor.
taz  president, owner, creator of Urban n Island Distribution Company
Come to buy one of our assorted natural fragrances, Hawaii flower clips, hand made lotions and creams& more. You will find a few world renowned artists and all kinds of hand made jewelry.  ____________________________________________________________________
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Urban n Island is not responsible for any disputes between patrons and crafters/ artists. Communication between the parties is considered at will once a connection is made.
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