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HAIR BRAIDING ART, Maui Hawaii      https://aviellaalohamaui.yelp.com
We offer a wide range of braided products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call Taz for more information on appointment times, current promotions and custom options.


Single Braid        $5.00 per braid
 Cornrows              $6.50 each

French Braid         $6.50 each

     Yarn Braid                                $7.50 per braid
     Fishtail Braid                            $8.00 per braid
     Custom Clip-it                              $10.00 each
     Yarn Wrap                                  $15.00 per wrap
     Dreadlock                                  $15.75 per back comb/crochet
     Maintenance                              $99.00 for interlocking
     Start-up                                    $125.00 full head twists
     Start-up                                     $195.00 full back comb
** plus on-site service fee
Hair braiding ART is the process of weaving or intertwining the hair in a variety of styles, including cornrows, locks (or locs), twists, knots and single braids.

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