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Aviella Aloha Maui's Certified Extensions Specialist
Organic Bond Extensions
I use low levels of heat to soften and contour the classic organic bond around the hair shaft. These extensions last 4-6 months with proper care and maintenance. This is the most popular form of hair extensions and recommended for all hair types. Purchase with 25 strands per package. 

Extensions Removal: Available upon request!                                          Order Cinderella Classic Bond Extensions

Tape-In Extensions
Applied to your hair not your scalp. Your hair is sandwiched between two T-Hair Sections and secured with a Cinderella T-Hair Sealer. Customizable sizing and placement virtually anywhere can be achieved by cutting each peace of T-hair. These extensions are reusable and last 4-6 months with proper application and maintenance. Available with 10 strands per package. Click here to book an Extensions Consultation with Aviella Aloha "Stylist to the Stars".

Extensions Removal: Available upon request!                                                  Order Cinderella T-Hair Extensions

I-Tip Extensions
I apply these extensions without heat or chemicals. I use a loop tool to pull the clients hair through I-link cylinders. The extension is then inserted into the I-Link. 

Extensions Removal: Available upon request!                                                    Order Cinderella I-Tip Extensions

Cinderella Strips
These extensions are designed to create volume, length and color accent. Each strip is reusable and can be worn for 6-8 weeks then adjusted during the next appointment to be worn again! 

Extensions Removal: Available upon request!                                                     Order Cinderella Strips Extensions

About Braided Hair Extensions
“The two regions that provide most of the commercially available human hair are  India and Asia.
The most expensive wigs, hairpieces, and extensions are made from virgin, European hair.
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More About Extensions 
An extension is a hair addition secured to the base of the clients natural hair to add length, volume, texture or color. The fastest way to tell if the hair is human or synthetic is to burn it with a match. Human hair will burn slowly, giving off a distinctive odor. A strand of synthetic fiber will either ball up or melt. Kanekalon Synthetic Hair is very popular for most braided extensions styles. Human Hair can be used but it will bring the total cost of the hair up by at least $50 - $200 on average so please keep that in mind when you select what works best for you!

A weft is a long strip of human or artificial hair woven by hand or machine onto a thread.

Sew-in Weaves: Attach wefts to cornrow braids for a month of hassle free style. Just get up and go. But please do keep the hair clean. People can smell dirty hair more with this type of style.

Fusion: In the fusion method hair is bonded to the clients hair with bonding material activated by heat.

For the bonding hair method of attaching hair extensions the natural hair should be at least four inches.

Yak hair is the purest of whites. Its natural color lends itself to adding fantasy colors, which attracts teenagers.
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More About Other Hair Additions
A wig is an artificial covering for the head that completely covers the clients hair

Machine made wigs are referred to as capless wigs. They can be made from human or artificial hair. Capless wigs allow the scalp to breathe and prevent excess perspiration.

With exposure to light an human hair wig will fade in color

A small wig that we use to cover the top and crown of the head is called a hairpiece.

Hair in which the root end of every single strand is sewn into the base is called turned hair. Also known as Remi hair. The cuticles of all the hair strands move in the same direction; down

To shorten a wig from front to nape and remove bulk you should create a horizontal tuck or fold across the back.

Wig cutting methods:
Wet Cutting Method is more controlled and technical than the abstract methid.

When using free form cutting, horizontal sections build heavier weight.

Wig Size: If a clients head measures 21.5' to 22.5 inches you should select an average size wig.

Tools: Traditionally, brushes made with natural boar bristles have been regarded as best for use on human hair wigs.

3 Semi ways to attach a toupee:Tracks, adhesive and sewing


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