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101 Consulting w/ an Urban-n-Island Marketing Director

Are you looking for understanding of proper business structure? Do you need to develop a clear plan on how to monetize your gifts to create the life intended? Get the motivation you need to walk away from that 9 - 5 job and follow your dreams. Let's put a plan together today! Urban-n-Island Consortium (a Hawaiian Limited Liability Company), has been distributing and marketing products and services in the field of Arts & Crafts progressively since 2008. 

1-on-1 Consulting Pick our brain
Meet with an Urban-n-Island Consortium representative to pick their brain about how to build your passion up to become a business in the Maui market
Price: $197.00
101 Consulting
Get a clear strategy on how to get going with your business
Price: $247.00

Mahalo for SHARING YOUR VISION with Urban-n-Island Consortium. We look forward to connecting with you soon. Ask about our New Vendor Mentorship program. Our graduates come with an idea and in 90 days or less their product or service is deliver directly to the market. We will help you put a workable system into action and help you make your first $250.00 in sales.