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Look 4 Maui Braids/ Cornrows by Taz under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina

Cornrows are narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp and are created with a three-strand, on the scalp braiding technique. Cornrows are worn by Men, Women and children and can be braided on various lengths and textures. This flat contoured style can last for several weeks when applied without extensions, and up to two months when applied with extensions.
Natural Hair Designs
Natural Hair Designs
Hair is referred to as NATURAL or VIRGIN if it has never had any chemical treatments. Techniques used for natural hairstyling include braiding of extensions, twisting, overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect; Weaving, interweaving a weft or faux hair with natural hair Wrapping or locking to create what are called African locks or dreadlocks.
Single Braids
Single Braids
Also known as box braids and individual braids, are free hanging braids, with or without extensions, that can be executed using either a underhand or overhand technique. Partings and subsections for single braids can be square, triangular, or rectangular. The partings determine where the braid is placed and how it moves.
Two tone single braid extensions
Two tone single braid extensions
These are single braid hombre extensions. Choose whatever color you like. 4-6 week style. Wear this Island Braids style as two strand twists to soften the look a bit. Braid time varies based on braid size and length.
Fishtail Braid
Fishtail Braid
Simple two-strand braid in which hair is picked up from the sides and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other. We can make very pretty updos with Fishtail braids. Add a silk flower clip to accent your Island Braids Fishtail
My Maui Island Braids by Taz, Maui, Hawaii #Maui Braids

Development Stage of Locks
PHASECHARACTERISTICSPHASE 1Hair is soft and is coiled into spiral configurations. The coil is smooth and the end is open. The coil has a shiny or glossy texture.PRELOCK STAGE, PHASE 2Hair begins to interlace and mesh. The separate units begin to puff up and expand in size. The units are no longer glossy and smooth.SPROUTING STAGE, PHASE 3A bulb can be felt at the end of each lock. Interlacing continues.GROWING STAGE, PHASE 4Hair begins to regain length. Lock may still be frizzy, but also solid in some areas.MATURATION STAGE, PHASE 5  Locks are closed at the ends, dense and dull, and do not reflect light.

Maui Braids Urban-n-Island Style by TazUrban-n-Island presents Urban-n-Island Braids Scalp TwistUrban-n-Island presents Urban-n-Island Braids by TazComb Technique: Particularly effective during the early stages of locking while the coil is still open, the method involves placing the comb at the base of the scalp, and, with a rotating motion, spiraling the hair into a curl. With each revolution the comb moves down until it reaches the end of the hair shaft. It offers a tight coil and is excellent on short hair.

The Palm Roll Technique: This method is the gentlest on the hair and it works through all the natural stages of locking. Palm rolling takes advantage of the hair's natural ability to coil. This method involves applying gel to dampened subsections, placing a portion of hair between the palms of both hands and rolling in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Materials for Extensions

Human Hair: Human hair is the gold standard for hair extensions.  Most human hair is imported from Asia, with little information about how it was processed or even if it is 100% human hair. It is very important to deal with suppliers you know and trust.

Kanekalon: A manufactured, synthetic fiber of excellent quality, Kanaekalon is made in a wide variety of types, with different names, colors and textures. Many companies that offer synthetic hair goods use a line or brand made of Kanekalon. Some Kanekalon fibers are high-heat resistant, some are especially made for braided styles, and others mimic human hair as closely as possible.

Maui Travelling Stylist, Aviella Aloha Stylist, Maui, Hawaii HairNylon or Rayon Synthetic: Less expensive than many other synthetics and is available in in varying quantities. It reflects light and leaves the hair very shiny. A drawback to nylon and rayon is that both of these fibers have been known to cut or break the surrounding natural hair.

Yarn: Can be made from cotton or a nylon blend, and is very inexpensive and easy t find. Yarn is light, soft and detangles easy. It does not reflect light and gives the braid a matte finish look.

Lint: This beautiful wool fiber imported from Africa has a matte finish and comes only in black or brown. Lin comes on a roll and can be used in any length and size.

Yak: This strong fiber comes from a domestic ox found in the mountains of Tibet and Central Asia. Yak hair is shaved and processed to be used alone or blended with human hair. Mixing human hair with yak hair helps to remove the manufactured shine.

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