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Shop Local -Vendors raise money for Hawaiian Programs at the Banyan Tree in Lahainatown. 

There are craft fairs and vendor friendly events going on each week on Maui. Are you just moving here with a product or service to share with the visitors and locals? Do you need a little guidance on what to do to get started as a Maui Made vendor? Are just looking to increase exposure of your product and possibly place them in Partner and Affiliate visitor inspired retail stores? Give us a call, lets talk story.

Since 2008, Urban-n-Island has been selling its Island Scents aromatic cosmetics and Island Braids hair art under the Banyan Tree to help raise funds for King Kamehameha Schools, and various
Lahaintown events such as the Fourth of July Fireworks, the Parade and the Banyan Tree Christmas Lights. There are similar fairs around the island that are looking for vendors and crafters' to join their shows. Would you like to be an Urban-n-Island Affiliate that markets our proven products alongside your own? If so don't delay, call Urban-n-Island Consortium today. 808-357-3504  Would you like to meet in person? Visit or booth under the Banyan Tree, Front Street Lahainatown for a FREE SAMPLE of our intoxicating Island Scents. Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good

Whale and Ocean Arts Festival
March 4 - 5, 2017

Prince Kuhio Celebration
March 18 -19, 2017

Banyan Tree Birthday
April 22 - 23, 2017

King Kamehameha Day Parade
June 17 -18, 2017

Emma Sharp
August 12 - 13, 2017

Festivals of Aloha
September 16 -17, 2017

Lighting of the Banyan Tree
December 2 -3- 2017
For Affiliates: Local Business / Local People
We promote and sell quality hand made brands produced in Hawaii.