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Embark on a tropical journey with Urban-n-Island, your go-to oasis for leisure luxury with an island twist! Picture this: we’re the local artisans bringing a burst of paradise to you through our vibrant pop-up tents at exclusive events and craft fairs across the breathtaking Maui County. Dive into our world where we proudly showcase our in-house brands like the radiant Aviella Aloha Beauty, the aromatic Island Scents Maui, the crafty Crafts for Cash and the trendsetting Urban-n-Island Style.

Indulge in the essence of the island with our signature Island Scents fragrant gifts and elevate your look with our Maui Diva Tropical Flower Hair Clips. Whether you’re looking for a personal treat or seeking unique gifts, we’ve got you covered. Guess what? You can now grab your favorite Urban-n-Island Floral treasures on Amazon Marketplace!

And hey, if our products have sprinkled a little aloha into your life, why not share the love? Head over to Google or Yelp, drop us a radiant 5-star review, and voila - you’re in the running for a monthly drawing of free products and services! Just shoot us an email with a copy of your glowing review at Because at Urban-n-Island, we’re not just crafting quality arts& crafts - we’re hand making happiness on the enchanting shores of Maui!

Get straight or go curly. Our products have a unique power to work with any style, texture or length. Whether adding luminous style and major softness or detangling frizz free protection.

UNI formulates alcohol-free Island Scents Intoxicating fragrance oils that make you smell good and alluring like a walking garden in paradise. Stop by our booth for a free sample or orderhere.

Maui Diva Clips have been voted the BEST FLOWER HAIR CLIPS on Maui for t 7 years consecutively. Add a fancy flower to any natural style. They are $15 each or 3 for $40 mix and match.

New in 2021 we have launched our Urban-n-Island Clothing Line. We sell designer basketball jerseys, board shorts, ladies tank tops and onesies for the baby.


Island Scents...Island Braids...Urban Looks


1819 South Kihei Rd

Kihei, HI 96753


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