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Adults and Students age 11 - 13 learn how to Prepare, Package and Present hand made crafts to the marketplace online and at craft fairs while at the same time learning the basics about income, savings, expenses and budgeting and how to apply it to their craft fair businesses. 




Change your financial destiny now with a money making craft fair vendor booth business. The workshop is your short cut introduction to craft fair business mastery. A vendor booth business can be an amazing money making opportunity to invest in your future. How do get the best information on success with this kind of business? Ask the woman who owns one! 

Crafts for Cash Youth Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Program

Crafts for Cash Student Enrollment includes:

- 8 week group training program

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls

- 6 Live Events on Maui

- 5 Financial Literacy Webinars 

- 4 Crafts Creation Workshops

- Online Training Center

About Our Program

Crafts for Cash is sponsored by Urban-n-Island Consortium under the direction of Aviella Aloha. We aim to inspire 6th, 7th & 8th graders to become future business owners that create jobs for the community by teaching them about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Aviella Aloha is a certified financial education instructor who has owned and operated a vendor booth business for over 10 years on Maui. We are seeking $35,000.00 in order to supply each student with craft making supplies, connect them with other craft business owners who offer DIY craft making classes, fund program craft fair booth expenses in order to facilitate a project based learning model with scheduled live action role play events and support costs connected to internet based training and resources. We also hope to provide a meal for the student and the sponsor at all live events. Each student must be accompanied with an adult sponsor at all live events. Both the sponsor and the student get access to the online training center for 12 months with active enrollment. Sponsors are there to monitor and manage the students behavior and personal care needs. No student may be dropped off and left unattended by a sponsor at any live event. Crafts for Cash is a sponsor / student team effort! There are absolutely no exceptions so please read the program Rules & Regulations before your sign up. 

The Student of Wealth Online Training Center. The goal is to empower members of the community with the information they need to work toward greater financial wellness.

A percentage of the funds raised from each sale is donated to a non-for-profit organization in the community in exchange for donated seller booth space. The rest of the funding generated through sales becomes income for the student seller to manage. Each active participant will be presented with a BIG CHECK with the total funds raised at the Crafts for Cash Graduation Ceremony. This is a community social impact opportunity for businesses to get behind. Participants will receive personalized support, guidance and instruction. 

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